28 Nov

About World of Warcraft- Sunwell Gold

World of Warcraft , abbreviated simply wow gold game is the most successful game of company Blizzard Entertainment, along with a series of strategy games named Warcraft, whose successor is, in a universe MMORPG (massively multiplayer online games) and RPG (role playing games) game series Diablo.The action game takes place in a phantasmagoric world, called Azeroth , following the storyline of Warcraft strategy game series. World of Warcraft offers a unique experience, creating a dependency unseen before in the all history of games. Like all MMORPG games, in World of Warcraft,the player get inside a hero character who continuously growth his skills after solving quests,killing the incredible creatures that haunt the game, earn wow gold, and many,many other things.

The character can be choosed from nine base classes like : Druid – Celtic priest in the Middle Ages, can metamorphose himself in bear,wolf,etc,and can control elements of nature is the harder class to play; Hunter,based on long range weapons require a lot of dexterity and coordination,Mage based on magical skills and artefacts,Paladin are powerfull fighters but also have a package of positive spells very usefull on party; Warrior based in special on strength and stamina are masters of weapons and close fighting; Shaman, master of thunders and lightings can use totems with the elements of nature and finally Rogues : the clever class with a lots of abilities like stealth or lockpick.There are also a lot of professions like earning wow gold,mining,alchemy,jewelcrafting,fishing,first aid,coocking,engineering,blacksmithing,leatherworking,skining,etc. Also you can combine this profession for a purpose : making money (wow gold).

Some basic methods : make your own objects or use mining and sell ore for wow gold. The complete interaction between players, changing objects, or trading for wow gold, party with friends, guilds or other cooperation forms, keep the player connected all the free time in front of monitor for new and new epic adventures.And the saga continue, after The Burning Crusade and  Wrath of the Lich King : World of Warcraft : Cataclysm.